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Stefania Prandi is an award-winning freelance journalist, writer and photographer.

She covers a variety of topics, including gender equality, social issues, labor rights, human trafficking, environmental pollution, and culture.

She has contributed to national and international publications, including Al Jazeera, National Geographic Italia, ELLE, El Pais, Taz, RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera), Danwatch, Internazionale, Il Sole 24 Ore, and IrpiMedia.

Stefania wrote two books, both published by Settenove.

The 2018 book “Oro rosso” (Red Gold) documents how women have been sexually harassed and raped in Mediterranean greenhouses. The book has been reprinted three times and presented over 90 times in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Bulgaria. It is still being presented after 5 years.

“Le conseguenze” is a book about femicide victims and their families published in 2020. The book has been reprinted twice. It was presented sixty times in Italy, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Stefania displayed her photographs in schools, universities, and libraries throughout Europe and Italy. She is currently traveling around Italy with three photo exhibitions.

Stefania received grants and awards in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and the United States, including Fetisov Journalism Awards, the Fund for Women Journalists – IWMF, Modern Slavery Unveiled Grant by Journalism Fund, National Geographic Emergency Journalism Fund Grant, Volkart Stiftung Grant, Henri Nannen Preis, Otto Brenner Preis, Georg Von Holtzbrinck Preis, and The Pollination Project.

Stefania speaks at festivals and events across the country and abroad.

Her work includes organizing and leading journalism workshops, such as the Feminist Journalism Workshop at the University of Venice.