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Red Gold

The Red Gold project examines and reports on three Mediterranean Sea countries, Italy, Spain, and Morocco, which are among the world’s largest exporters of vegetables and fruits. Female laborers who pick strawberries, red fruit, and tomatoes that arrived on our tables are not only paid less than men and work long hours, but are sexuallyContinue reading “Red Gold”

Bitter Strawberries

I participated in the Bitter Strawberries investigation in collaboration with Danwatch in the spring-summer of 2021. Photos were taken in Huelva, Spain, the largest strawberry-producing region in Europe. As female migrant workers pick strawberries, they are frequently abused, isolated, and sexually harassed. Meryem tells the story of her boss forcing her into forced sexual relations.Continue reading “Bitter Strawberries”

Those Faraways Mothers

Romanian and Bulgarian women who work in Italian, Spanish, and German fields, where fruits and vegetables sold throughout Europe are grown, leave their children at home with their grandmothers for months at a time. When their mothers are far away, boys and girls become “white orphans.” Save The Children recently published a report that showsContinue reading “Those Faraways Mothers”

The True Cost of Kiwis

I coordinated the Journalismfund Europe-funded investigation into kiwifruit production in Agro Pontino between April 2021 and April 2022 in collaboration with IrpiMedia, Danwatch, and The Wire. We worked together on the project with Francesca Cicculli, Charlotte Aagaard, and Kusum Arora. We’ve been researching The Green Gold of Italy or Kiwi Revolution as it’s known locally.Continue reading “The True Cost of Kiwis”

Waiting For The Sea

Before leaving for Europe or Canada, Eritrean refugees start off in Ethiopia, the African country with the highest number of refugees (more than 660,000 according to UNHCR, of which around 130,000 are Eritrean). Most of them initially stay in camps close to the border, where “life is not acceptable because of the heat, the smallContinue reading “Waiting For The Sea”

After The Lockdown

As part of the takeover of Instagram Women Photograph, an international association of female photographers, I made this series of photographs. I went walking along the Adda River near Milan as soon as the last lockdown was lifted in 2020. Emily Dickinson’s poems and my contact with nature, suspended by the pandemic, guided me.

The Consequences

A femicide is defined as the murder or disappearance of a woman because of her gender or out of hatred, contempt, pleasure, or possession. Every sixty hours, a woman is killed in Italy. The number of murders is decreasing, but ‘femicide’, the killing of women by their partners, ex-partners, or other family members, is onContinue reading “The Consequences”