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Category Archives: Exhibitions

Exhibition Those Faraway Mothers

Romanian and Bulgarian women who work in Italian, Spanish, and German fields, where fruits and vegetables sold throughout Europe are grown, leave their children at home with their grandmothers for months at a time. When their mothers are far away, boys and girls become “white orphans.” Save The Children recently published a report that showsContinue reading “Exhibition Those Faraway Mothers”

Exhibition Red Gold

A photographic narrative set in three Mediterranean Sea-side countries, Italy, Spain and Morocco, among Europe’s and the world’s largest exporters of vegetables and fruits. Female laborers who pick strawberries, red fruits, and tomatoes we eat on our plates are not only paid less than men, they are also sexually harassed, blackmailed, assaulted, and raped. ThereContinue reading “Exhibition Red Gold”

Exhibition The Consequences

For three years, I collected images of faces, objects, and places which represent the point of view of people who were involved in a femicide and who haven’t given in to gender-based violence. Those dealing with the consequences of femicide – a term used to define the killing or disappearance of a woman because of her gender andContinue reading “Exhibition The Consequences”